The Coffee Shop coffee shop, Walnut Creek

Finally, our beloved Walnut Creek, CA is becoming more inspiring for the techie-era generation! As one of my ex-coworkers lovingly referred to WC as to a “very end of the Silicon Valley” (the first part of the phrase was heavily edited!), I partially agreed and got hurt and excited, all at once. It’s true that Walnut Creek, with a population of roughly 67,000 residents, has been famous for its restaurants and high-end boutiques and retail stores, is now advancing to a new and very competitive level. Many modern businesses move to the East Bay, and not only Oakland, though it’s one of the most common destination. Walnut Creek, being diverse, energetic, young in heart and optimistic towards arts and cultural events, is attracting more and more aspiring individuals. The downtown area is filled with such an eclectic palette of various places – it takes weeks to explore it all! And, surprisingly and luckily for us, workers/travelers/walkers-during-lunch-hour-and any-time-there-is-a-chance adventurers, the city remains clean, safe and relatively drama-free.

The below images depict one of the newest additions to the downtown WC area: a coffee shop, called The Coffee Shop. The business owners opened their responsibly-manufactured, heavy-weight doors last week and the store has been busy ever since. The atmosphere inside is very San-Francisco, with all the fantastic people minus the accidental unhappy encounters. The interior is made of primarily raw, organic materials with an industrial look in mind:

Coffee Shop Lighting
Coffee Shop Lighting

The store layout features wood, concrete and metal; all of the components have look, touch and feel aspects that silently attract and provide comfort. The back of the store boasts a sun roof, natural tree-stumps seaters and very cool-looking metal industrial lanterns and chairs. The wall color balances it all very well. Every time I go in, I think about how this design could be interpreted for a much smaller living space!

Aside from the metal wire lanterns, there are several statement pendants placed along the main wall. The fixtures provide a nice, relaxing ambient light, which is efficient enough to double as task lighting. The metal chains, holding the pendants, freely hang from an open-plan ceiling with visible wood panels, decorated with electrical boxes.

Many of the tables display live potted succulents. The whole theme of organic and man-made is depicted through such a simple illustration of a co-dependence of elements in nature. Wood, cement, concrete, metal and organic matter all have a “real”, “breathing” vibe that definitely add up to the philosophy of the Coffee Shop. By the front door, next to the bar-style setting, there is a map with a headline, “Coffee Curious?”. It has so much to offer just by being a chalk drawing on a blackboard! Next time, I will try to capture that image. With the store being lively with new patrons, it’s challenging to take pictures while no one’s privacy is in question.

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop Seating

What about the coffee, you may ask? It is phenomenal. Each cup is crafted specifically for the ordering customer, and, though it takes a little while, it’s so worth it. The menu also features a couple of sandwiches and their pastry section is expanding. I’m very excited to see what’s next for the Coffee Shop coffee shop!

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