#randomprose: Downtime in the Office

Another day at work, slow for the most part, chaotic in between. Then, the internal database goes out and everyone is off tracks. After some blogging and company promotion, I decided to write a post about things often overlooked.

Seriously, what do you do when the main tool you need at your work place is out of order? Based on the observation of my surroundings, one can:

  1. Start complaining
  2. Walk back and forth, trying to look productive
  3. Go out for coffee (and not come back after an hour or so)
  4. Email everyone on work contact list
  5. Ping IT every few minutes
  6. Talk to someone, preferably the boss, to show compassion
  7. Browse the web / do some “light” online shopping
  8. Eat
  9. Snap a few pictures (see #8), to post to Social media
  10. Do some web activities to promote company sites
  11. Work with other systems, or do some photo editing
  12. Write a poem
  13. Blog about the situation

Last two activities are definitely on my list. I didn’t write any poetry today (hey, it’s 10 in the morning!), but thought posting this article would be a good thing. Now, if I may:

Only assuming you’re experiencing technical difficulties or otherwise having problems with a set of tools you normally use,

What do you do at work???


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