Marilyn Manson v.2016

A year has passed since I saw Mr. Manson live. It may not seem like a huge gap in time to some, but, for slightly obsessed fans such as myself, it felt like the live show outing was much in order. Well, don’t get me wrong: I’m not a person who’d do anything, anywhere just to see an artist or visit their show; I do, however, follow Manson closely enough to know about his and the band’s whereabouts and go see them as often as it seems reasonable. So, the fine night of August 13, 2016 marked my MM outing #4.

Having been listening to Manson since late 90s (age check: who thinks I’m incredibly old now?), I’ve grown to truly listen, understand and appreciate his lyrics. Yes, there is a lot of controversy, burlesque-ish hatred, and, of course, loud mockery, but a lot of that is used for comedy, or reality-checks among masses. Needless to say, only a few of those checks have passed through the years — Manson has been labeled a lunatic, provocateur, druggie and, of course, an Antichrist. Anyway… Back to the concert of August 13. It was, as always, great. Here’s a track list for you, beautiful people 🙂

  1. Angel with the scabbed wings
  2. Disposable teens
  3. No reflection
  4. (M)Obscene
  5. Cupid carries a gun
  6. Irresponsible hate anthem
  7. Dope show
  8. Sweet dreams
  9. Antichrist superstar
  10. Beautiful people

Yes, there were only 10 songs, and not the usual 13. All of them were executed beautifully, with more minimalism than ever this time. By minimalism, I mean the sheer number of props and decorations, as well as change of attire. To illustrate, check out this video I attempted to record with my tiny Nikon:

The above song is the only one from the latest Manson’s album Pale Emperor, released in January 2015. The other 9 were all classics, tested by time and loved by millions. What made my heart really happy is Manson’s physique: after last year’s health struggles, the performer is back to his slim and lean charming self. He was very active and did a lot of crowd-surfing, knowing there would always be someone to lend a shoulder. Manson’s relationship with Twiggy is also incredibly heart-warming: being the only 2 irreplaceable band members since the origins, they fooled around, hugged, and sat at the drum set base for a few minutes, reminiscing. Well, they weren’t just sitting: Manson was (kindly 🙂 ) asking the female part of the audience.. to gift their bras to Twiggy. As you may’ve guessed, by the end of the prank there was a bundle hanging from Twiggy’s mike. For very curious minds: mine wasn’t among the hanging. I needed to stay warm, you know, plus, see the first paragraph which states I’m not that crazy 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t have any good, better-quality photos of the show, except the ones cropped from videos I took, however, there’s one on Instagram, which looks half-decent on a mobile device. What I do have for you, however, is another video: this is a song finale from the 2016 show, which helps to feel the night’s atmosphere:


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