Last Wish

Perhaps, I spoke too soon.
All my requests about death
Exploded, like a thin balloon,
Forgetting to enjoy each breath –
I wanted it to stop. The breathing,
I thought, I’ve had enough to live.
Somehow, death was only teasing
It can take life, but cannot give.
Besides, I never wanted strangers
To talk about me and cry.
There are so many real dangers
In life, and that you can’t deny.
I wanted to become unknown
And disappear, turn to smoke.
So no one would see the show,
But.. life prepared cruel joke
And now you’re gone instead.
I can’t believe this is the end.
How did it happen – you’re dead,
And I still have some time to spend?
You didn’t tell me your last wish,
So now I will never know.
I’m glad you had some time with me,
And we will catch another show.

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