Hello stranger, I hope we will get to know each other pretty soon! Thank you for stopping by.

As an ex-linguistics major with a communications inclination, I love talking, listening and sharing, and this blog is a perfect platform for doing so. I’ve also always been into art and photography, and, while all the diy projects featured here are mine, I will occasionally post photos by my super talented friends in the photo category.

Since the age of 7, I’ve been writing poetry and some of my latest works can be found here. These pieces may not be the greatest, but they are definitely meaningful to me as they reflect last couple years of my life.

In the foodie section, you will find my thoughts on local restaurants, coffee shops, and, perhaps, some of the recipes I’ve tackled, eventually. These are not exactly reviews (there’s Yelp for that!), these notes are personal expressions on what it feels like to do those things in discussion.

I also spend a lot of time online and can’t help but share some of the beautiful content I come across, occasionally, and those links are posted in the shares section.

And of course, who doesn’t have a personal style… I didn’t want to call this section “beauty”, as beauty is a very subjective matter. Besides, my posts in this category include more than make up tips or links to fashion magazines. Here, I try to post diy nail art guides, product reviews, and snippets of my casual style, which can also be described as a slightly polished version of metal.

I’ve been steadily listening to metal since a tender age of 14, have tried all possible sub-genres of metal this world has to offer, wrote lyrics for some of the local bands while at school, and, without going much into detail, I can assure you that metal is the only kind of music that makes me happy without ever being annoying (remember all those sub-genres?). I won’t bother you with my personal beliefs and opinions on that matter, yet will occasionally post and share reviews of concerts, albums, or other related materials. It’s up to you to read it or skip it – I won’t be offended, promise!

I’ve tried to organize all posts somehow, and this is the result, for now. When it’s difficult to organize one’s life, other tasks are never easy. Of course, the most filled-in (and my most favorite!) section is random. This one word pretty much describes many of my views and behaviors. A good example of the #randomprose would be:


I love the present. This age of technology is wonderful, no matter how many haters are out there and how much critique the technosphere gets on a daily basis. Let’s talk about the pluses, K? There are plenty:

  • Learning
  • Sharing
  • Blah blah you now how great our major human kind revolution is to figure the rest out. People watch more cat videos than they do learning about the world around them.

Don’t get me wrong: I truly appreciate the greatness of today’s age and try to get the most of it, while contributing to it as well (because I don’t want to be an info-blood-sucker, by any means), but… Did you notice there is always a “butT”?

There are way too many distractions when you’re online. Imagine, you want to do your little thing, and instead you browser invites you to visit a new super-awesome blog. Or a new photography site. Or check one of your multiple mail boxes. Or, if your heart skips a beat when you see the word SALE, it becomes a whole new story. Luckily, I’m not really into shopping, so that saves me at least an hour a day. Perhaps, working in eCommerce has more benefits than it seems to offer at first. That’s where the biggest online trap is hiding: Social Media.

Have you lived a day without:

– Checking your Facebook feed
– Posting on Twitter / Instagram / Tumbler
– Checking Pinterest boards
– Blogging, for goodness sake!

Named after Mass Media, the Social Media definitely gained its influence over the last couple of years. My main addictions are Instagram and Facebook. How do you waste your precious lives??

As you may’ve noticed, I am also a metalhead and a booklover. I work in merchandising at YLighting, blog for the DesignNecessities and shop online in my free time (a lot! => AmazonSephora). If I’m not blogging or doing the above, I’m most likely reading, moving the things around or painting various surfaces.

Take this journey with me to explore some of the beautiful, confusing, awkward, or even painful moments of life (not specifying whose life intentionally) to dive into your own depths of perception. Fell free to reach out, comment, stalk me on Instagram or Twitter, or just remember the good ol’ email to say, Hello!


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