Solstafir Live || Elbo Room || Oakland CA || October 21 2018

I don’t remember discovering Solstafir. What I do remember is a quick and abrupt and all-over mind-bending experience with band’s energy; not even the music or lyrics, at first. I was likely working on one of those freelance projects where an agency sends you gigs of data, files and webpages to dig through and discover potentially decent content, when I came across one of Solstafir’s most prized videos, Fjara. Instantly, I was mesmerized by the stunning complexity and simultaneously, comforting relatability of the song. Having watched the entire video, I was no longer able to concentrate on work that day and had to sign off.

Later, other songs and albums have captured my attention. Their earlier, angrier riffs sound sincere and passionate, while Solstafir’s latest album, Berdreymin, is by far the dearest for its fascinating flow and rhymic philosophy.

The clip below, Köld of the eponymous album, captures the lyricism of a cold feeling quite incredibly:

The audio below does not have a corresponding image for two reasons:

  1. It would have been impolite to raise a phone during the speech
  2. The message was too personal to begin with

This referenced song here is Bláfjall, or Black Mountain, of Berdreymin, is a perfect example of how powerful music and performer’s energy can be. Even without translation (a loose version can be found here), this song kicks me right in the face.

With that, I’ll depart to listen to Solstafir and ponder upon the other side of the horizon.