Blogging challenges

Blogging has always been my passion, before it even officially existed. Yes, I am that old. Call me a millennial by all means, but I believe that 90’s and 2000’s babies are completely different species. Just like subcultures within a larger culture: while sharing similar traits, each group has its own characteristics.

With all honesty, I am an incredibly lethargic blogger. I don’t post every day or even every week, and yet sometimes I can’t help but add a few entries in a row. Sometimes, I give a facelift to older posts saved as drafts, so they could see the light of the internet’s silicone cables. Or, I revive previously taken down posts, which are now relevant / engaging / current again. I also enjoy writing mini-posts to add to this Random category, which houses short rants on various topics, addressed to self and others.

Being a big fan of Pro / Con lists (are there any other (90’s babies out there?), I always have multiple internal dilemmas on whether to publish a certain entry, and here’s my shortened, and oh-so-common list of preliminary issues:

  • Is it worthy?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • Where should I post it?
  • Tags / hashtags?
  • Should it be shareable?

Those are probably the most common / heart-breaking moments I have to go over before posting anything. Yes, they sound pretty complex for simple posts, however they all seem important at the moment.

So, from the very beginning: Is it worth it? I have no idea, though I do honestly attempt for it to be. I QA all posts before they go live, just to eliminate confusing or otherwise irrelevant moments.

Close second is Why am I doing this? — a question, applicable to many situations in life. For us, bloggers, it becomes especially trivial if you are to decide whether you’re into attracting more followers, monetizing your site, or just being heard. The latter is where I am right now, although I don’t always feel heard and other 2 options also come to mind!

Choosing a platform is very complicated, no matter what the subject matter is. Where should I post it? is my #1 question while deciding between the blog, Instagram or Facebook. Although I have a few other social media accounts, these 3 platforms are my go-to’s. Most of the time, I use a simple rule of thumb:
Graphic => Instagram
Content => Blog
Random => Facebook
I don’t feel so guilty posting lower quality images to Facebook, as for me, it’s more personal and doesn’t require too many public eyeballs. If both content and images are good, I’ll do my best to post it here!

Using attention-grabbers is always a dilemma to me: while not being a big fan of hashtags / sticker / filters, I still use them anyway, mainly, on Instagram.

Deciding on whether to share content is also a tough call: some content can only be shared on certain networks, but not all (Hello, LinkedIn!).

Also, I don’t really use Twitter (although I completely updated it this month!) and don’t have a Snapchat account… The latter just can’t buy me with all its glitter and “pretty” filters… Maybe, this is what getting old is.
On that note, what is your favorite content-sharing platform?



Wrote this piece sometime in October, while going through my social media updates… It has a potential of becoming a song one day.

What’s become of your life,
Is getting hard to recognize.
You wake up at midnight,
Not to talk, but theorize.

Those nights are so rare,
Since you go to sleep at dawn,
There is nothing left to spare,
You’ve become your own clone.

*Tell me, tell me, where you’ve been,
Show me things that you can see.
I would like to know them all –
World is big but i’m so small.*

I am running in the dark,
Trying to stamp on my mark.
Looking for the ways to grow –
Want to learn all that you know.

You are gone and I’m alone,
Maybe I’m my own clone?
Sorting memories and thoughts,
Finding things that I forgot.

*Tell me, tell me, where you’ve been,
Show me things that you can see.
I would like to know them all –
World is big but i’m so small.*

Night is gone and you’re asleep,
I can see your dream is deep.
You are traveling the world –
Fighting all its gloomy cold.

I will go, let you be –
In a way you’ll never see.
When you wake, don’t look for me –
Be yourself, just, simply, be…