B&W Poppy Nail Art

Poppy Manicure
Poppy Manicure


For this week’s manicure inspiration, I chose my absolute favorite, the Rabinal pattern from the Missoni Home. Minimal, defined, intelligent and statement-worthy. It reminds me of the tipping point where summer ends and fall begins. Think about it: both colors, black and white, are absolute classics.

Poppy Manicure
Poppy Manicure

The best part about this bold and elegant design though is its simplicity: to recreate it, you only need two nail polishes.

To be precise, the ingredients for this design are:

– A top and a base coats
– Black (China Glaze in Liquid Leather) and White (China Glaze in White on White) nail polishes
– A small dotting tool for detail work

1. Apply a base coat and paint all your nails black. This China Glaze polish is truly great – it provides a full coverage with just one layer, plus its finish is absolutely gorgeous, reminiscent of real leather.

2. The next step is to paint the poppies. Drop some of the white polish on a small plastic tray. Using a dotting tool, pick the white polish up and draw curved lines on each nail. The easiest way to do it is creating the “C” shapes.

3. Gradually fill in the tiny accent details – dots, lines, or stripe patterns.

Depending on the length of your nails, add 2 – 3 poppies onto each nail.
Once the pattern is dry (it can take up to 30 minutes, due to layering), apply your favorite top coat! This will finish the design and seal it in for at least a week. And that is it!! Enjoy this look and keep me posted if you’d like to try it!